Browse our catalog of types along with colors of stone, and see some examples of some installations. All of our stone colors and styles can be interchanged ***except for Ivory, Ebony***

Precise reproduction of color on this website cannot accurately convey actual colors of our stone products.

As always, please feel free to stop by our showroom to see actual samples of the stone.


Cobble Stone is a mix of different medium size squares and rectangles with a thin profile and a cut, but smother texture.

Cobble Ledge

***Ebony and Ivory colors can only be done in two different stone styles.

***Ebony in Cobble Ledge & Dry Ledge

***Ivory in Cobble Ledge & Arizona Ledge

Cobble Ledge stone is a classic cut stone native of South Eastern Lancaster County Pennsylvania. It is a squared and rectangular style, but mixed with some angled pieces. This style has a thicker profile then it's Cobble Stone predecessor with well-defined ripples and ridges.


Fieldstone is an array of irregular angles and straight cuts, make this pattern a good fit for traditional or contemporary architecture. A thinner profile, this mold style resembles a mosaic pattern.

Field Ledge

Field Ledge Stone is a traditional favorite in the Mid-Atlantic states. Cut from foundations of 17th and 18th century natural Pennsylvania, this cut provides all you could ask for in style and detail of a cultured stone product.

Dry Ledge

Dry Ledge is a well-defined shadow stone that also has a detailed texture. This pattern ca be laid with or without an exposed mortar joint. Either application will provide curb appeal and yield a stacked stone appearance second to none.

Arizona Ledge

Our latest style, popularized in the American Southwest. This style is a more contemporary version of stacked stone featuring a smoother but detailed surface, and a more defined, saw cut appearance.